Touring on the edge!

Traveling the wide road is easy. Going along a narrow path is much more interesting. But, touring on the edge really is thrilling! Lately, we have had calm weather excellent for boating in the outer archipelago, on the edge of the open sea.
The bare islets and the open view is balm for the soul. It is also cozy with a small bay with no other boats, except the ones passing by at a distance on the very edge.


In the coming days, we will receive high-pressure weather with really high temperatures even in the archipelago. Continued calm weather is promised so I will head out to the edge again.

I’m going in a different direction just to avoid the same route, for the sake of change. The main thing is that I reach the edge of the outer archipelago. Of course I’m a true adventurer, right?

Should we say so? 🙂

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