Comforting archipelago nights

Nights can be scary. You might feel alone and left out to dangerous and alien beings. In the archipelago, on the other hand, at night there is a calm tranquility and you never feel alone. You feel like part of nature and the nature takes care of and protects you. We are all part of nature. Unfortunately, many of us have forgotten that insight.

I think that’s why we enjoy staying in the nature. Why we feel safe at sea or in the woods, even at night. We feel that we are part of nature. We feel a connection.


  • Ullis

    Oj vad jag håller med, naturen är fantastisk och en källa till lugn och stillhet! 🌲🌊
    Din nya temabild är fantastisk! Stenar i raka, bubbla led, och den bortre är dessutom i siluett vid horisonten. 👌

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