There are many paths to the goal!

You can reach nature in the Stockholm archipelago in many different ways. One is to hitchhike with a boat owner.


When sailing, the journey often becomes the most important part of the destination. While going by motorboat, I have learned that the journey itself becomes less important for the overall experience.

It is fun to discover the islands. Recently I visited Bullerö in the outer archipelago. The celebrated artist Bruno Liljefors’s studio and hunting lodge is located on this island.

Liljefors's hunting lodge

In the early 1900s, Liljefors regularly invited his famous artist friends, like Anders Zorn and Albert Engström to the island, for partying and hunting. Today a museum is dedicated to older archipelago life and to Liljefors on the island, and there are several nature tracks.

There is a hostel and a sauna available on the island, but neither a restaurant nor a grocery store.

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