The second bloom!

It is wonderful in the early summer when the roses bloom, but the second flowering in late summer is also lovely.

I myself have for a long time tried to bring about a second flowering in my own life. I know, you should be careful about whining and appearing unsuccessful in social media, but this is not Facebook, and I write what I want in my own blog!

Depending on how you look at it, I know I actually have a very good life, but I do miss a love partner and that lack occupies too much of my thoughts and feelings. My youngest son tells me I think too much!

Probably I have tried too much to find love. It is much easier to get roses to bloom again!


6 thoughts on “The second bloom!

  1. En sång med passande text dök upp ur minnet:
    ..ingen människa är så ensam, som den som söker en annan…
    “Innan kärleken kom” Eva Dahlgren 1995

    Hoppas den kommer snart!

    1. Man kan också fundera över ordspråket: ”Den som ofta ror ut får napp så småningom!” 😂

  2. You are a real poet. It is not all men that can whrite like this about feelings. You will find someone who will love you back. I sure . Dont give up 🥰


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