To exercise, or not!

I regularly travel by bus to work. It’s nice to sit and think while I look through the bus window and listen to the sounds around me. By the way, smartphone headphones just fall out of my ears.

It is convenient to ride the bus but I do not get much exercise. Regular job commuting by bike would definitely increase the chance of good health and a more attractive body. I have several times decided to cycle the almost 14 kilometers to work but it has never become a habit.

I find great pleasure in technical gadgets with good features and a nice design. Furthermore, whenever I feel a little down, I have the ugly habit of comforting myself with a new technological gadget.
Since I do not only intend to devote myself to growing roses, I have now figured out that with a technically advanced electric bicycle, the pleasure of cycling would increase dramatically. After all, I’ve been a little sad and a consolation purchase always works.

Today I took my brand-new electric bike to the nearby nature area. It was a lot of fun and there the sunflowers bloomed. On Monday, I take the electric bike to work. Bathing season 2020, here I come! 🙂


  • Robert Juretic

    Imponerad av dig Micke. Kör hårt så kanske vi ses längs vägarna omkring, annars får det väl bli på uppfarten innan vi i olika fart lämnar området 🤗😎

  • walkaboutsweden

    Underbara solrosbilder och intressant inlägg.
    En liten pryl då och då piggar onekligen upp. 🙂

    Jag har nyligen fått en ny kamera som jag är så himla glad för.
    En present från maken som visste precis vilken jag ville ha.

    Lycka till med “beach 2020”!

    • Michael

      Tack! Den nya cykeln har verkligen piggat upp mig. Imorgon cyklar jag till jobbet! Jag ser fram emot bilderna med din nya kamera! 🙂

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