Righteousness and prejudice!

Electric bicycle, it’s cheating! Ever since I started commuting to work on an electric pedal bike, I have encountered prejudice. The cheating accusations kick off my guilt and shame issues, and I get sad whenever I proudly tell someone that I have started commuting by electric bike, and hear that it is cheating. How’s that cheating?

Either way, now I’ve been commuting on my electric bike for a month. Previously, with my regular 24-speed bike, I have not been able to maintain bike commuting for such a long period.
It is great fun! I get lively and happy! I am proud of myself!


  • Susanne Ingendoh

    Så bra jobbat 😊. Skäms ju ännu mer för att jag åker bil till jobbet som ligger med bil ca 10 min bort .😎. Kanske ska investera i en sån där hoj 😊

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