With autumn comes the rain!

You, all my faithful followers know that I have found a new way of life, I commute to work on my new electric bike!
Cycling has been fine so far, but now with autumn comes the challenges. The temperature has been really low a few mornings and it is raining more and more. Luckily, I’m pretty stubborn once I’ve decided! (Some would call it pride. You are not half-Finnish for nothing!)

There is no bad weather, just bad clothes! A little rain won’t stop me. It’s so much fun to ride a bike. It is refreshing and relaxing, purely meditative. I am more present when I ride a bike and even though I actually have fewer thoughts, I get more good ideas. In addition, I avoid traffic jams during rush hour. Does it sound like I’ve become fanatical or saved? Yes maybe!

This time the pictures are taken with the mobile phone camera. The last picture is one of my roses that welcomed me when I got home!


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