Autumn Melancholy!

In the autumn it is easy to feel sadness, yet many people like the autumn. Nature changes color and the air becomes cold and clear. It gets dark in the evenings and you can crawl up on the couch under a blanket, and light candles. It’s cozy!

Even if you have everything important in life, and life is good, you can always find something to feel sorry for, if you really want to. Sometimes it may even feel cozy to feel a little sorry for oneself. Is it perhaps so that the cozy thing about autumn is because it attracts one to self-pity. When it is cold, dark and rainy outside, and when the green vegetation has died down, when the candle flame flutters, when the sofa is comfortable, and when it is warm under the blanket, it feels extra cozy to feel a little sorry for oneself. Is that why many people think autumn is cozy?

To experience the beauty of autumn, I went to Rosersbergs slott, one of the Royal Palaces of Sweden situated on the shores of Lake Mälaren, on the outskirts of Stockholm. The palace was built in the 1630s and modernized in the late 17th century.  By the palace is an English garden with winding paths. Autumn is looking particularly good in the park!

In the park, I was inspired to plant flower bulbs. I have grown tired of feeling sorry for myself and am already longing for spring. I want tulips, crocus, and daffodils. Lucky for me to remember that it is now in the autumn that I have to plant the bulbs. In the evening I lit a candle!