Without love!

Love is not finding someone to live with, it’s finding the one you don’t want to live without!

I tend to learn stepwise. Sudden insights make me understand. This quote on love made me realize that I have been chasing love the wrong way. 

I am divorced since long, and am ashamed of not succeeding in the marriage. In addition, since my divorce I have not been able to keep a lasting love relation. This adds to my guilt. But, before I didn’t have the understanding I got from the quote above.

Some years ago I actually stumbled upon the kind of love that is hard to live without. I haven’t realized this before. Unfortunately, she was divorcing herself and I became the springboard out of her marriage. Her feelings towards me perhaps were mixed with the feelings of life reorientation. 

Anyway, I have tried to move on, my habit faithfully, on my stepped path, but it has not worked. Now I know why, and it really feels good. I am not anymore chasing someone to live with. I might find the one I can’t live without, or I won’t. The important thing is that I finally understand what true love is all about.

My photo blog seems to evolve into something else! For this post I have selected previously published images that I enjoy. I have also posted this from my smartphone!


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