Almost completely thoughtless!

This post did not come about after a deep thought or emotional insight! I simply had a need to photograph and was offered a walk. The fall this year started early. It has been quite warm and it has been raining. It is said that there is a lot of mushrooms this year. I myself have not been out and picked any.

I feel that autumn this year is extra colorful. It is very beautiful and is pleasant to photograph. I like the picture motifs.

I put on the macro lens and aimed to take pictures of withered flowers. I am not versed in botany and have no idea what plants I have photographed.

Still, it was really nice when I found plants that still bloom with beautiful petals. I couldn’t resist a grazing horse in an autumn-colored pasture.

Someone had missed picking the raspberry in an allotment I passed. The rowan berries hung heavily in the trees. It will probably be a cold and snowy winter.

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