Forget the modesty!

You can really wonder why I’m blogging and why I’ve started posting about my feelings on the internet. This website started out as a kind of photo blog just because I wanted to learn blogging. But, honestly, I actually find photo blogs without text pretty boring even if the pictures may be really nice. Not all pictures do tell more than a thousand words!

To me, a blog isn’t like posting on Facebook or Instagram. I confess I’m posting there to get many likes! On this blog, however, I can see the viewer statistics and where you viewers reside but nothing more. If you are a WordPress user and likes a post, I can see your feedback, but I allow likes also from anonymous viewers.

Lately, I have written about my experience of falling in love, for me in a new and fantastic way. It is possible that I shouldn’t write about such things, but I feel strongly that I want to share. It might help some, somewhat chubby men in their best years, to believe in love. Who knows, maybe it helps even more, who are looking for that great love.

Anyway, in order to blog about emotions, I have had to move outside my comfort zone, and have had to put my shyness or modesty aside. So far it has been fairly painless but I have not really received any response to what I have written, except from her whom I love and who loves me. So, you my few readers, don’t be shy, log in at before liking, and please comment! 🙂

The pictures again are photos from 2017 that I like including people I love.


  • Tokens of Companionship

    Like you, I tend to over-think things, which may be why I’m single! 😆 Fortunately, your experience shows that our thoughts and hesitations don’t necessarily prevent us from finding a meaningful relationship.

  • Instaology

    Eftersom jag själv fotobloggar och i princip nästan aldrig skriver någon text alls är jag antagligen fel målgrupp (du syftade nog inte på mig heller, även om jag läser din blogg). Du tar väldigt fina bilder! 👌
    Jag är glad att höra att du har hittat kärlek. Lycka till er båda! 🙂

    • Michael

      Nä, du är ju WordPressare så dig har jag koll på! 😀 (Jag tycker själv att mina bilder inte är tillräckligt bra att blogga med utan en mer eller mindre engagerad text!)

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