Love and trust.

Trust is the foundation of love, and we can only truly love someone that we can trust. Love by itself isn’t enough, and really does not conquer all. I now know that I have to trust the one I Love. To have a healthy love relationship, I must have the guts to believe in my partner. Trust is necessary.

Trust is a feature of love. Trust enhances love. A real love relationship is built upon trust. If your partner tends to break your trust in any way, it simply isn’t true love. Building trust requires commitment, and trust must be maintained. Trust requires listening to and communicating both our desires and needs. Most importantly, trust requires honesty.

Once the trust is broken it is hard to avoid doubt and fear of trust and love being broken again. You become more cautious about whom to trust, and to love again. Fortunately, trust actually can allow us to love again! When you are aware that trusting someone is a risk, and when the falling in love comes with a hope that your lover will deliver on all the promises the earlier relationships failed to fulfil, you must dare to take the risk. That risk can create a wonderful, everlasting love!


  • Michael

    Several of my posts from the year 2020 revolve around my skyrocketing love relationship which I hoped would be a wonderful and everlasting one. It was in many ways very wonderful but we failed in our communication, to listen to and tell about our needs and desires. Eventually it became apparent that the balance in our relationship was too skewed and my excessive courtesy and her tendency to be comfortable became a problem. Our relationship is over but it only emphasizes the importance of mutual trust and honest communication. The most difficult thing is probably to be honest with yourself. Anyway, I still believe in love in general! 😀

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