Communicating love

Whenever we want to communicate, we are usually anxious to be understood and to understand. Why do we overlook this when we try to communicate love? Is inner fear hindering us, or are there simply different languages of love? Do we talk past each other because we have different languages?

Do you think your partner doesn’t understand you? Do you know what you need to understand love expressions? Have you thought about what makes your partner feel love? How do you communicate love with each other?

I like manuals of living! They make me think and sometimes I learn. I stumbled across a book by Gary Chapman that describes a theory about the different languages of love. Broadly speaking, there are five love languages: “Affirmative Words”, “Time Together”, “Gifts”, “Services”, and “Physical Touch”.

The book has been translated into Swedish and is called “Upptäck kärlekens olika språk“. The original title is “Five Love Languages”.
The photographs are from a walk recently in Nacka outside Stockholm.


  • Tokens of Companionship

    Very interesting! I never really considered that love could be communicated in different ways, but it makes perfect sense. Each of us is probably better at communicating in certain ways than others. We need to keep that in mind if our partner gets annoyed at us, or if we ourselves feel insecure.

    You mentioned before that you’re a doctor. Will you have to fight Covid-19?

    • Michael

      Thank you! Yes, I am a Nephrologist but nowadays I am just doing administration, research and teaching. I have been listed as a possible resource, though. If it gets worse!

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