The love of well-functioning equipment!

This week I have been out with the boat in the Stockholm archipelago. I was accompanied by my love. When the summer weather is unstable inland, it is often much better out in the archipelago. This was also the case this time, even though the water temperature was a bit low at the beginning of the week. We had great weather and the water gradually got warmer! The evenings are especially wonderful. 

Cooking is not like home but you can always grill. As a result of the generally increasing security thinking, the limit when a fire ban is issued has been lowered. My “Son of Hibachi” charcoal grill is no longer considered safe. I have switched to a gas-powered camping grill that works really well quite unexpectedly. 

My automatic inflatable life jacket also works really well. In a moment of arrogance, I took a leap ashore and slipped on the slippery cliff and ended up in the water. The life jacket triggered perfectly. No harm done.

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