Experience the island Fjärdlång

Now that autumn has arrived, it is nice to remember this summer’s boat trips. Among others, we visited the island Fjärdlång in Stockholm’s southern archipelago. The island is first mentioned in 1442 having two farms. From 1533, the farms belonged to the lord of Tyresö castle. During the Russian ravages of 1719, Fjärdlång was hit very hard by burnt-down houses, slaughtered livestock, burnt crops and forests, destroyed boats, sheds and fishing equipment. The population survived by fleeing by sea in a hurry.

The island was bought 1802 by a skipper who became rich during the Napoleonic Wars. From 1909, Fjärdlång was owned by the bank director and art magnate Ernest Thiel. He had a magnificent dwelling house built, the “Thiel villa”, on a cliff with sweeping views of islands and the sea. After his son Tage Thiel took over Fjärdlång, it did not take many years before bad business forced him to sell to the state, and in 1986 a nature reserve was formed. Now the villa is a hostel, with the northern part of the island managed by the Archipelago Foundation.

Fjärdlång has several protected natural harbors, of which Mörkviken on the north side of the island is the largest. There is also a guest harbor at the steamboat pier. Whether you travel with your own boat or go out with an archipelago liner, there are cabins for rent, a camping site and the hostel to stay at, as well as a kiosk and a cafe. Once there, in addition to swimming in the Baltic sea, you can take nature walks over Fjärdlång’s dewy mountains and through pastures with curious sheep and cows.


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