An excursion to Björnö

The Björnö (bear island) nature reserve is located at the far end of the Ingarö island in the Värmdö municipality southeast of Stockholm. Here you can walk in typical archipelago nature with an open agricultural landscape interspersed in valleys between forests and cliffs. The area, which is located on a peninsula, is easily accessible even without a boat. Björnö is managed by the Archipelago Foundation and has been protected since 1983.

Here you will find living agricultural land, pine forest, spruce forest, pine bogs, deciduous swamps and deciduous forest. There are several bathing sites and meadows with the possibility of camping. At Småängsuddarna there is a lookout tower with a lovely view over the archipelago and the bay Nämdöfjärden.

Today we had time off from work and school and wanted to make an excursion. The fog was dense over the mainland, but out by the sea the sun was shining. The trip to Björnö was perfect. Can be recommended!


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