Eventually it gets brighter!

It always does, gets brighter, when it is dark. Right now there are many reasons to see everything in black. Among them the pandemic and the lack of respect for democracy here and there in the world. I choose to believe in the good of humanity and that it will become brighter in time.

Up here in the northern hemisphere, the days are short now. Last weekend the sun shone for a while, enough for a walk along Edsviken to Ulriksdal Castle. We have not yet received snow. It is dark most of the day. But today is the first Sunday in Advent and we turn on the winter lights in our gardens, and candlesticks and Advent stars in the windows. Suddenly it gets brighter. Now it’s only four weeks until Christmas!


  • walkaboutsweden

    Så vackert med alla typer av ljus nu.
    Tog ikväll en kvällspromenad i villaområdet där jag bor och noterade att vi i Sverige julpyntar mycket mera nu – jämfört med förr om åren.
    En bra idé. Här i Norden känns det extra behövligt.
    Vi får försöka fortsätta att lägga vårt fokus på ljuspunkterna. Både de som är nära och de i resten av världen.

    Ha det gott.

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