With hope for the future!

Very soon, the year 2020 will end. In many ways, it has been a terrible year. In Sweden, it turns out that new public management and the just-in-time economy have made us very vulnerable to a plague like the Corona pandemic. Hopefully we will learn something from the ordeal that the Covid-19 virus entails. In any case, we did not want to listen to the warnings and we should have understood better. 

With joint efforts, we will pass this torment as well. But the year has not only been miserable. Just before the year started, I fell very much in love even though I had actually given up the opportunity to meet someone who would put up with me. It has turned out that she is crazy enough and has enough humor to accept me and I can see her whims from the bright side. 

It has not been a dance on roses all the time and it probably will not be in the future either. But I feel the security I need to not let my inner fears take over and not listen to all the nonsense that my ego tells me. It’s not bad at all and then I have come a long way. 

You learn as long as you live. Finally, I have learned and may have grown up in love too. So, despite all the misery of the pandemic, my year has been wonderful, and I look forward to the next. In this post, I share various photos from the year that has now come to an end.

Happy New Year! 🙂


  • Michael

    This post deserves an update. Now it is August 2021 and the relationship described is over. It was still a wonderful year 2020 and I have no regrets. But, you learn all the time and if you do not dare, the learning will suffer. I dared to believe in love, but faith can unfortunately not defeat everything and when you are an adult and no longer youthfully flexible, too great differences in personality can be difficult to bridge. Compromises are required and if you do not dare or want it, it will not be worth it in the end when the initial love has deceived. Anyway, I have not lost faith in love. It will definitely hit me again, sooner or later! Maybe it comes in a different form without a skyrocketing love.

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