Roses of love!

Roses, the flower of love, are perhaps the most popular in the world, and have a given place in my little rowhouse garden. Roses are not only beautiful and fragrant but are surrounded by both romance and mystery. According to Greek mythology, the rose was created by Adonis’ love for Aphrodite, and at his death he is said to have turned into a red rose. The red rose is therefore associated with erotic love.

The best location for roses is sunny, and a healthy soil is the prerequisite for viable roses. If you give your roses love, you get love back. Roses are very beautiful on their bush but also in a bouquet. In the language of flowers, the number of roses in a bouquet has its special meaning. A single rose means “You are my everything”. Three roses; “When can I see you again?” Five – “I do anything for you”. Seven say “I love you”, while ten roses in a bouquet mean “Do you want to marry me?”

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