Love and passion

I have discovered that I need to feel passion to have enough drive. I have a passion for my job and it has become far too important in my self-realization. I have the drive for much else, but when it comes to meeting a dear and really close friend to feel love for, my drive has gradually diminished by the failed attempts. This is a problem I do not want to accept. I’m not giving up. I am learning and have the courage to keep trying.

So, I’ve been thinking a lot lately and found that I need to feel a sense of trust and closeness. It is not very unique and when you are someone who falls in love as soon as someone seems to like you, you might be lucky and may be able to develop a sustainable relationship, but the chance of success is small. I’ve tried.

Something seems to be missing and if so much else in life gets better with passion, this is of course what has been missed. But what exactly is passion? How can one distinguish a passionate love from an ordinary new love? The feeling of being filled with energy, feeling scared, but at the same time more vital than ever is very reminiscent of an ordinary new love. If you take one step at a time and listen carefully inwards, you may be able to discover if there is passion. If you feel true to yourself when you listen, then maybe there is passion! Just trust, just closeness, or both trust and closeness are not enough. It is the combination of trust, closeness and passion that is required for a lasting love to develop.

That is of course how it is! Now I really do feel hope!

Freely speculated and perhaps far too much thought! Inspired by events in my life and by Einar Wiman at


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