Quality in life

You do not know what quality is until you have it. Quality is a feeling, an experience that is individual and difficult to describe. Quality is also a buzzword in the service sector, and in product manufacturing where it refers to the intrinsic value of a material product, a business, a cultural work, or a person or a group.

It is often assumed that quality can be measured, preferably in relation to a predetermined goal. Quality becomes a measure of goal fulfillment. But, how can you set a goal for quality when you do not know what it is until you have it, and if it is an individual experience, a feeling.

You, my faithful readers of this not very ambitious blog, who may have read about my love affairs, and who may be a little curious about how things are going for me. I can rejoice you that I have discovered quality in a relationship. Despite my advanced age and all my previous attempts, I had no idea of the kind of quality I have found. Hopefully I no longer have to scourge you with my torments of love.

The photographs in this post are from four weeks ago visiting Bjällerviken in Västernorrland.


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