• A beautiful day with longing

    Of course, it is possible to long for the future but at the same time be present and experience the day. Today was a delightful winter day with snow, sun and clear, cold air. It was great to be outdoors! Down on the boatyard among all the winter-resting boats, the longing for spring grew in me. When I get to make my boat ready and nice for a new season in the Stockholm archipelago. It is nice to both long for spring and to enjoy the winter. It’s nice to feel the longing!

  • With hope for the future!

    Very soon, the year 2020 will end. In many ways, it has been a terrible year. In Sweden, it turns out that new public management and the just-in-time economy have made us very vulnerable to a plague like the Corona pandemic. Hopefully we will learn something from the ordeal that the Covid-19 virus entails. In any case, we did not want to listen to the warnings and we should have understood better.  With joint efforts, we will pass this torment as well. But the year has not only been miserable. Just before the year started, I fell very much in love even though I had actually given up the opportunity…

  • Experience the island Fjärdlång

    Now that autumn has arrived, it is nice to remember this summer’s boat trips. Among others, we visited the island Fjärdlång in Stockholm’s southern archipelago. The island is first mentioned in 1442 having two farms. From 1533, the farms belonged to the lord of Tyresö castle. During the Russian ravages of 1719, Fjärdlång was hit very hard by burnt-down houses, slaughtered livestock, burnt crops and forests, destroyed boats, sheds and fishing equipment. The population survived by fleeing by sea in a hurry. The island was bought 1802 by a skipper who became rich during the Napoleonic Wars. From 1909, Fjärdlång was owned by the bank director and art magnate Ernest…

  • Archipelago memories from Gällnö.

    It is two weeks now since my long Swedish summer vacation ended. In many ways, this summer has been different due to the ongoing pandemic. Longer holiday trips have not been possible, but by boat in the Stockholm archipelago, the holiday has really been wonderful. We visited Gällnö, an island in Stockholm’s central archipelago. Gällnö has been inhabited since the days of King Gustav Vasa in the 16th century. The island was ravaged by Danes in the 17th century, and during the Russian ravages of 1719. Despite the proximity to Stockholm, a visit to Gällnö is as far from the stress of the big city as you can get. The…

  • The love of well-functioning equipment!

    This week I have been out with the boat in the Stockholm archipelago. I was accompanied by my love. When the summer weather is unstable inland, it is often much better out in the archipelago. This was also the case this time, even though the water temperature was a bit low at the beginning of the week. We had great weather and the water gradually got warmer! The evenings are especially wonderful.  Cooking is not like home but you can always grill. As a result of the generally increasing security thinking, the limit when a fire ban is issued has been lowered. My “Son of Hibachi” charcoal grill is no…

  • The love of swimming!

    Since long, I am well known as a ”bathing coward”. Google translate doesn’t translate the Swedish word “badkruka”, but I am talking about outdoor swimming in cold waters, I didn’t use to appreciate it. Mostly, it’s rather chilly in the waters of the Baltic sea. Ever since I got a boat of my own, gradually I’ve had to learn to appreciate swimming in cold waters. Like most of Europe, in recent weeks we have had high pressure weather and a heat wave. The water in the sea has become really comfortable. This weekend, it didn’t take much courage to swim. I could even wash the water line! Pictures by Carolina…

  • The winter rest has begun.

    The fourth season with my boat is over. It’s been a great boating season, the Stockholm archipelago is really amazing and discovering it by motorboat suits me perfectly. The boat has everything needed for a holiday and with a reasonably large crew you have comfort. With just two on board, it is pure luxury! It has never been the idea of having a boat, but on the longer archipelago trip, I had new company, even this season. If I were the least superstitious, I would think that there is a curse on the boat when it comes to companionship. It doesn’t matter, I love the boat anyway! Mange and Lollo,…

  • I think, that’s how I am!

    Adam, my youngest son used to tell me I was thinking too much. Nowadays he is also a thinker. I wonder if it is bad to think too much. What is too much? Does it apply to all kinds of thoughts? Isn’t thinking a human tool that generally is far too little used? Okay, I think a lot, maybe too much. But, I like to think. That’s how I am!

  • Fear is the new safe!

    We live in a time of security mania. Taking it safe before the uncertain seems to be an increasingly common mantra. But, putting yourself at risk does not necessarily have to be fatal.Lack of trust in a relationship can lead to an awkward feeling of insecurity. But, in order to build trust, we need the courage to be in uncertainty for a time.The saddest thing in this context is that the feeling of insecurity is often imagined and comes from one’s own inner fear. We need control over our inner fears to have the courage to live. Pictures from the boat trip with Adam, my youngest son, the last week-end.

  • There are many paths to the goal!

    You can reach nature in the Stockholm archipelago in many different ways. One is to hitchhike with a boat owner. When sailing, the journey often becomes the most important part of the destination. While going by motorboat, I have learned that the journey itself becomes less important for the overall experience. It is fun to discover the islands. Recently I visited Bullerö in the outer archipelago. The celebrated artist Bruno Liljefors’s studio and hunting lodge is located on this island. In the early 1900s, Liljefors regularly invited his famous artist friends, like Anders Zorn and Albert Engström to the island, for partying and hunting. Today a museum is dedicated to…

  • Comforting archipelago nights

    Nights can be scary. You might feel alone and left out to dangerous and alien beings. In the archipelago, on the other hand, at night there is a calm tranquility and you never feel alone. You feel like part of nature and the nature takes care of and protects you. We are all part of nature. Unfortunately, many of us have forgotten that insight. I think that’s why we enjoy staying in the nature. Why we feel safe at sea or in the woods, even at night. We feel that we are part of nature. We feel a connection.

  • Touring on the edge!

    Traveling the wide road is easy. Going along a narrow path is much more interesting. But, touring on the edge really is thrilling! Lately, we have had calm weather excellent for boating in the outer archipelago, on the edge of the open sea.The bare islets and the open view is balm for the soul. It is also cozy with a small bay with no other boats, except the ones passing by at a distance on the very edge.   In the coming days, we will receive high-pressure weather with really high temperatures even in the archipelago. Continued calm weather is promised so I will head out to the edge again.…

  • Trust and confidence

    Trust and confidence are essential in close relations with love. Consider the many oddities we humans are devoted to in order to avoid closeness. Do you know the expression “alone is strong”? What a nonsense! Alone is afraid of intimacy. The other day I had the confidence to watch the marina. In the boat club we share the responsibility to watch each other’s boats. Together we become safer. We trust in each other. Compare this to a single boat in a small private dock. Independent, yes but insecure.

  • Alla batterier är laddade – All the batteries are charged!

    På sommaren är det bra att vara ledig, göra något kul, njuta och ”ladda batterierna”! Hösten smyger sig på, ledigheten är över och på jobbet går allt i full fart. Ikväll hann jag bläddra bland sommarens bilder.Sommaren har verkligen varit kul! Jag har njutit! Och som vi har badat!Nu ska jag njuta av hösten!

  • Värsta båtsommaren! – What a boating summer!

    För en hel del år sedan, när jag var yngre och seglade med Anders H-båt eller med lite större, hyrda båtar, var det självklart att jag själv skulle ha en båt när jag blev stor. Det är en hel del år sedan jag blev ganska stor. Någon gång under åren hade självklarheten med en egen båt försvunnit. Jovisst, jag var nära när vi skaffade en femmeters Buster att roa oss med på före detta svärmors lantställe i inre skärgården, men det räknas inte.För tre år sedan, ombord en skärgårdsbåt på väg till Utö drabbade mig plötsligt självklarheten med en båt. Men, hur skulle jag ha tid med segling också? Var…

  • Midsommarfest! – Midsummer party!

    I förrgår var midsommarafton. I år firade jag med min syster och vår mor på en liten ö i inre skärgården. Med var också systerns son och hennes karl samt grannar på ön. Det har blivit lite si och så med midsommartraditionerna men vi hade sill, öl och nubbe. Den gamla modern agerade midsommarstång. Det blev en väldigt trevlig fest! Jag sov gott i båten i den ljusa midsommarnatten.

  • En hel månad sedan, redan! – A month ago, already!

    Tiden går fort när man har roligt! Det är en hel månad sedan min båt sjösattes för säsongen. Ullis filmade med min iPhone! Nu har jag satt ihop filmsnuttarna till en film. Ja, det blev kanske lite taffligt redigerat men jag är ändå nöjd! Det var min första filmredigering. Våren och försommaren är alltid intensiv på jobbet och det har inte blivit så många båtturer. En övernattning och två dagsturer har jag trots allt hunnit med. Kanske blir det en tur i helgen.

  • Plötsligt händer det! – Suddenly, it happens!

    Vintern kändes lång och våren dröjde, men plötsligt kom högsommarvärme, hela maj! Vi drog ut i Stockholms skärgård och hade viken för oss själva. De finaste bilderna dyker upp plötsligt utan förberedelse eller varning. Jag diskade och hon tog en liten promenad. Plötsligt stod hon där i vattenbrynet, i motljus. Jag såg bilden!

  • Ovanför molnen – Above the clouds

    Nä, det var inte bättre förr, förr när all fotografering var analog. Visst, analogt foto med film hade sin charm, men det var mycket svårare. Det var trettiosex rutor i en film, man försökte tänka på allt, disposition, skärpa, exponering och så tryckte man av. Förhoppningsvis blev bilden bra, oftast fick den duga. Jag lämnade båten på service häromdagen. Det var ganska tidigt på dagen och jag tog med kameran i en förhoppning om lite vacker dimma. Det var ingen dimma men där var ett hål i den i övrigt helt mulna himlen, som bevis på att solen alltid skiner ovan molnen! Helt klart ett fotoläge! Jag tog flera digitala…