• I think, that’s how I am!

    Adam, my youngest son used to tell me I was thinking too much. Nowadays he is also a thinker. I wonder if it is bad to think too much. What is too much? Does it apply to all kinds of thoughts? Isn’t thinking a human tool that generally is far too little used? Okay, I think a lot, maybe too much. But, I like to think. That’s how I am!

  • Musical joy!

    Last night I was at a gig. Both my sons played in the band Gobi Jerboa. The music is really good but they haven’t quite made it through yet. The music can be listened to on Spotify. I had the camera with me and took some pictures. It is often difficult to shoot at gigs, especially when the venue is small and lighting is far from professional. Enough with complaints and apologies. I have collected the best pictures in a gallery below.

  • To exercise, or not!

    I regularly travel by bus to work. It’s nice to sit and think while I look through the bus window and listen to the sounds around me. By the way, smartphone headphones just fall out of my ears. It is convenient to ride the bus but I do not get much exercise. Regular job commuting by bike would definitely increase the chance of good health and a more attractive body. I have several times decided to cycle the almost 14 kilometers to work but it has never become a habit. I find great pleasure in technical gadgets with good features and a nice design. Furthermore, whenever I feel a little…

  • The second bloom!

    It is wonderful in the early summer when the roses bloom, but the second flowering in late summer is also lovely. I myself have for a long time tried to bring about a second flowering in my own life. I know, you should be careful about whining and appearing unsuccessful in social media, but this is not Facebook, and I write what I want in my own blog! Depending on how you look at it, I know I actually have a very good life, but I do miss a love partner and that lack occupies too much of my thoughts and feelings. My youngest son tells me I think too…

  • Fear is the new safe!

    We live in a time of security mania. Taking it safe before the uncertain seems to be an increasingly common mantra. But, putting yourself at risk does not necessarily have to be fatal.Lack of trust in a relationship can lead to an awkward feeling of insecurity. But, in order to build trust, we need the courage to be in uncertainty for a time.The saddest thing in this context is that the feeling of insecurity is often imagined and comes from one’s own inner fear. We need control over our inner fears to have the courage to live. Pictures from the boat trip with Adam, my youngest son, the last week-end.

  • There are many paths to the goal!

    You can reach nature in the Stockholm archipelago in many different ways. One is to hitchhike with a boat owner. When sailing, the journey often becomes the most important part of the destination. While going by motorboat, I have learned that the journey itself becomes less important for the overall experience. It is fun to discover the islands. Recently I visited Bullerö in the outer archipelago. The celebrated artist Bruno Liljefors’s studio and hunting lodge is located on this island. In the early 1900s, Liljefors regularly invited his famous artist friends, like Anders Zorn and Albert Engström to the island, for partying and hunting. Today a museum is dedicated to…

  • Comforting archipelago nights

    Nights can be scary. You might feel alone and left out to dangerous and alien beings. In the archipelago, on the other hand, at night there is a calm tranquility and you never feel alone. You feel like part of nature and the nature takes care of and protects you. We are all part of nature. Unfortunately, many of us have forgotten that insight. I think that’s why we enjoy staying in the nature. Why we feel safe at sea or in the woods, even at night. We feel that we are part of nature. We feel a connection.

  • Touring on the edge!

    Traveling the wide road is easy. Going along a narrow path is much more interesting. But, touring on the edge really is thrilling! Lately, we have had calm weather excellent for boating in the outer archipelago, on the edge of the open sea.The bare islets and the open view is balm for the soul. It is also cozy with a small bay with no other boats, except the ones passing by at a distance on the very edge.   In the coming days, we will receive high-pressure weather with really high temperatures even in the archipelago. Continued calm weather is promised so I will head out to the edge again.…

  • Trust and confidence

    Trust and confidence are essential in close relations with love. Consider the many oddities we humans are devoted to in order to avoid closeness. Do you know the expression “alone is strong”? What a nonsense! Alone is afraid of intimacy. The other day I had the confidence to watch the marina. In the boat club we share the responsibility to watch each other’s boats. Together we become safer. We trust in each other. Compare this to a single boat in a small private dock. Independent, yes but insecure.

  • Midsummer mystique!

    Last Friday, in Sweden we celebrated Midsummer Eve. It is an important feast that some people think would be Sweden’s national day. It is celebrated on the night before Midsummer Day which used to be on June 24. Since 1953 it falls on a Saturday between June 20 and June 26. It is perhaps a problem that the day varies if it were our national day. Also in Finland Midsummer is thoroughly celebrated, and the day varies. Some say the feast has pre-Christian origin but the evidence is lacking. In the 300s, the undivided Christian Church designated June 24 as the feast day of St John the Baptist. The Christians…

  • New times, new needs!

    The need for shopping malls in the Stockholm area is met, the need for housing is not. In 1995, the situation was quite different when a large car sales firm’s premises were transformed into Stinsen’s shopping center. It was even expanded and reopened in 2009, and the trade flourished. Now, all but a few shops have closed, and the inside of the once proud trade palace is gradually becoming increasingly empty. Now, the whole thing is to be demolished and new buildings with new housing will be built. There are no reasons to mourn. Things change just like life itself! A brand new shopping mall is built just across the…

  • Going international!

    You may have noticed that I have added English to my website. I know, I don’t have a lot of readers but sometimes the website statistics reveal viewers from UK and the States! So, I thought I might go international and start blogging in English. By the way, why blog at all? Why do people blog? Perhaps they have something to sell, or maybe bloggers try to sell themselves. Okay, here I am, selling myself. I’ll tell you more, later!

  • A new destination!

    I needed a new destination and went for a walk in “Bergianska trädgården”, a botanical garden by the Stockholm University. Some early flowers were in bloom. The garden promised a wonderful flower splendor closer to the summer. I think I have been in the garden some thirty years ago. Now, I’ll be back!

  • Vårtecken – Signs of spring

    Det går lite trögt med våren. Det går också lite trögt med fotograferingen just nu! Jag tog i alla fall med mig kameran på dagens promenad och fångade några vårtecken. Jag hade bara med mig normalzoomen så bilderna är delförstoringar. Jag fotade med zoomen på 80mm och kröp så nära jag kunde med skärpan i behåll. Bilderna är framkallade i Lightroom Classic.

  • Var har ni er? – Where do you have yours?

    Vi har vår i luften! Solen skiner och det är 8 plusgrader ute. Det håller inte att sitta inne och jag har ju sagt att det är dags igen att komma igen. Jag tog med kameran på dagens promenad, i fall där skulle finnas en bild. Jag drogs mot Edsviken. Där har jag min hemmahamn. Isen är på väg bort! Snart ligger båten i sjön igen. Här är sportlov den här veckan. Jag har inte längre sportlov och längtar nu istället till vår och värme. Idag fick jag en försmak! (Bilder med Nikon D500 och 16-80 mm 1:2,8-4 AF-S ED zoom. Framkallning från RAW i Lightroom.)

  • Vinterfotopromenad – Winter photo walk

    Det tar en kvart med pendeltåget från där jag bor in till Stockholms city. Det går ännu fortare att köra till närmaste naturreservat på norra Järvafältet. Igår var en helgledig vinterdag som gjord för långpromenad. Av någon anledning tar jag sällan med kameran på vinterpromenader, det är ju dumt. Igår fick kameran följa med. Först var det vackert vinterdisigt men jag tycker det är svårt att få till intressanta bilder på bara snöiga träd. Jag vill gärna få med något levande som fångar intresset. Jag fick till några bilder av blandad sort som jag vill dela här i bloggen.

  • Det blir inte alltid som man tänkt sig! – Sometimes you get disappointed!

    Det var antagligen inte det han tänkte sig Carl Gustaf Wrangel när han lät bygga Skokloster för 342 år sedan, att där skulle vara julmarknad. Men, nu var det så den första advent, en liten mysig julmarknad med mest hantverk och delikatesser. Jag köpte utsökta ostar av komjölk, getmjölk och med mögel! Kaféet i gamla slottet var också mysigt och en skinkmacka med kaffe var toppen! Jag tror bestämt jag får åka tillbaka någon gång för att se mer i slottet och på samlingarna.

  • Till minne – In memory!

    Min far är död. Med tanke på hur han levde sitt liv blev han gammal. Arvet är viktigt för livslängden men man måste troligen även ta hand om sig. Vad jag vet så är det lite oklart vilket arv jag har. Farfar drack för mycket och morfar dog i det finska fortsättningskriget. Även min far drack för mycket och blev nog inte så gammal som han hade kunnat bli. Men han hade sitt liv och även om han söp bort sin familj så var han min far. Utan honom hade jag inte funnits. När han dog visade det sig att han hade gått ur kyrkan och lämnade inte några önskemål…

  • Människa och maskin – Man and machine

    Jag har varit där igen, på flygplansspaningsplatsen på Arlanda. Det är en speciell känsla, spännande på något vis! Men, bilderna blir trista, tycker jag. Det hjälpte inte att jag hade med fet-telezoomen. De stora maskinerna blev mer levande när jag såg människorna inuti. Plane-spotting i all ära, men crew-spotting är ju mycket roligare! Ibland ser de väldigt avslappnade ut. Kanske är de på väg att avsluta arbetspasset och längtar hem, nöjda med att ha genomfört ytterligare en flygning. Ibland ser de oss med våra teleobjektiv där på utsiktsplasen och vinkar åt oss. Det är jätteroligt. Tänk, dessa coola piloter i sina stora maskiner, de vinkar åt oss! Det är kallt…

  • Alla batterier är laddade – All the batteries are charged!

    På sommaren är det bra att vara ledig, göra något kul, njuta och ”ladda batterierna”! Hösten smyger sig på, ledigheten är över och på jobbet går allt i full fart. Ikväll hann jag bläddra bland sommarens bilder.Sommaren har verkligen varit kul! Jag har njutit! Och som vi har badat!Nu ska jag njuta av hösten!