• The beauty of insights

    There are indeed many wise and kind people on the Internet who share their wisdom. It’s just a matter of finding them in all the information noise and among all the loudmouths. Like when I felt abandoned and unsuccessful because I could not find love but found a wisdom that a friend posted (1).  * * * It’s not about finding someone to live with, but finding the one you do not want to live without! * * * Many before me have probably understood this. To me, that wisdom made all the difference anyway. It gave me the insight I needed. Today a friend wrote about the meaning of life in her blog…

  • More blossoming love!

    This post contains no deep thoughts! I don’t have a lavish garden but my little townhouse lot with its small flowerbed was so beautiful tonight when I got home. My chest was filled with love like little bumblebees buzzing in there. I got the urge to take some macro pictures. With compliments to Ernst Kirchsteiger! 

  • Flourishing love.

    When I browse my own Instagram site, I see many pictures of flowers. There are also quite a lot of flowers here in my blog. I appreciate flowers, I love flowers! Now it is spring and there are more and more flowers everywhere. Spring brings out all the beautiful flowers! Flowers are created by nature. It is true that what is created by nature is beautiful. Humans are also created by nature! Spring also brings out the beauty in people. This year’s spring has been cold. Finally, the heat came and my camera had to follow me on the weekend’s walks. I saw spring flowers and my beautiful love.

  • Almost completely thoughtless!

    This post did not come about after a deep thought or emotional insight! I simply had a need to photograph and was offered a walk. The fall this year started early. It has been quite warm and it has been raining. It is said that there is a lot of mushrooms this year. I myself have not been out and picked any. I feel that autumn this year is extra colorful. It is very beautiful and is pleasant to photograph. I like the picture motifs. I put on the macro lens and aimed to take pictures of withered flowers. I am not versed in botany and have no idea what…

  • To exercise, or not!

    I regularly travel by bus to work. It’s nice to sit and think while I look through the bus window and listen to the sounds around me. By the way, smartphone headphones just fall out of my ears. It is convenient to ride the bus but I do not get much exercise. Regular job commuting by bike would definitely increase the chance of good health and a more attractive body. I have several times decided to cycle the almost 14 kilometers to work but it has never become a habit. I find great pleasure in technical gadgets with good features and a nice design. Furthermore, whenever I feel a little…

  • The second bloom!

    It is wonderful in the early summer when the roses bloom, but the second flowering in late summer is also lovely. I myself have for a long time tried to bring about a second flowering in my own life. I know, you should be careful about whining and appearing unsuccessful in social media, but this is not Facebook, and I write what I want in my own blog! Depending on how you look at it, I know I actually have a very good life, but I do miss a love partner and that lack occupies too much of my thoughts and feelings. My youngest son tells me I think too…

  • Going international!

    You may have noticed that I have added English to my website. I know, I don’t have a lot of readers but sometimes the website statistics reveal viewers from UK and the States! So, I thought I might go international and start blogging in English. By the way, why blog at all? Why do people blog? Perhaps they have something to sell, or maybe bloggers try to sell themselves. Okay, here I am, selling myself. I’ll tell you more, later!

  • A new destination!

    I needed a new destination and went for a walk in “Bergianska trädgården”, a botanical garden by the Stockholm University. Some early flowers were in bloom. The garden promised a wonderful flower splendor closer to the summer. I think I have been in the garden some thirty years ago. Now, I’ll be back!

  • Vårtecken – Signs of spring

    Det går lite trögt med våren. Det går också lite trögt med fotograferingen just nu! Jag tog i alla fall med mig kameran på dagens promenad och fångade några vårtecken. Jag hade bara med mig normalzoomen så bilderna är delförstoringar. Jag fotade med zoomen på 80mm och kröp så nära jag kunde med skärpan i behåll. Bilderna är framkallade i Lightroom Classic.