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Love and passion

I have discovered that I need to feel passion to have enough drive. I have a passion for my job and it has become far too important in my self-realization. I have the drive for much else, but when it comes to meeting a dear and really close friend to feel love for, my drive has gradually diminished by the failed attempts. This is a problem I do not want to accept. I’m not giving up. I am learning and have the courage to keep trying.

So, I’ve been thinking a lot lately and found that I need to feel a sense of trust and closeness. It is not very unique and when you are someone who falls in love as soon as someone seems to like you, you might be lucky and may be able to develop a sustainable relationship, but the chance of success is small. I’ve tried.

Something seems to be missing and if so much else in life gets better with passion, this is of course what has been missed. But what exactly is passion? How can one distinguish a passionate love from an ordinary new love? The feeling of being filled with energy, feeling scared, but at the same time more vital than ever is very reminiscent of an ordinary new love. If you take one step at a time and listen carefully inwards, you may be able to discover if there is passion. If you feel true to yourself when you listen, then maybe there is passion! Just trust, just closeness, or both trust and closeness are not enough. It is the combination of trust, closeness and passion that is required for a lasting love to develop.

That is of course how it is! Now I really do feel hope!

Freely speculated and perhaps far too much thought! Inspired by events in my life and by Einar Wiman at https://www.motivation.se/innehall/hitta-din-sanna-passion/

Challenged to post 10 travel photos!

I also live on Facebook! There, my sister challenged me to post 10 travel photos without comments. Of course, I cannot say no, what would it look like, she is my little sister! Such luck that I then have this blog. Here I can publish which pictures I want and comment on them as much as I want. This post’s headline image is from a trip I made to Hälsingland, to a very dear friend’s cozy summer cottage by a small lake. It was a wonderful trip!

The picture above is taken by Tore Huseby. I’m riding a motorcycle on gravel roads on the Algarve coast in Portugal. A wonderfully challenging adventure trip in February four years ago. The nature was very beautiful, the weather was nice and the food and wine tasted fantastic.

The visit to the Auschwitz concentration camp was not as pleasant. I sing in a good church choir and we sometimes travel on choir trips. We traveled to Krakow in Poland and when we were there we took the opportunity to visit the Nazi camp. A very unpleasant but important experience, still!

I have also traveled with the choir to the Cotswolds in England. Although my favorite crime series “Midsomer Murders” is not from the Cotswolds, the feeling in the picturesque villages is the same. I will travel there again even though England is no longer Europe!

I recently had time for another trip to England before Brexit. I assessed applications for postgraduate education for the Wellcome Trust. The picture is from Little Venice, a district in West London, England, around the junction of the Paddington Arm of the Grand Union Canal, the Regent’s Canal, and the entrance to Paddington Basin.

A few years ago, in November, I visited Grisslehamn in northern Roslagen. It is beautiful there even in the autumn. The picture shows the famous artist Albert Engström’s studio on a cliff very close to the sea. He had the house as a studio until his death in 1940 and it has been left untouched since then. It is a building monument since 1975.

My youngest son previously lived in Berlin for a few years. Me and the eldest son once went there to visit. It is not far between Stockholm and Berlin. I actually managed to make two trips there while it was still a divided city!

The motorcycle trip in Portugal gave more flavor and when the tour operator attracted me with a trip to Iceland, I joined. I had never been to Iceland and had heard that it is the nature in the wilderness that is worth the trip. We crossed the island on challenging gravel roads. It was an absolutely amazing trip! There is no point in building bridges over watercourses, so there were many cold, wet passages!

There are many trips to make and you do not have to travel far. I am lucky to live near the Baltic Sea and the Stockholm archipelago. To be able to discover our fantastic archipelago, I have bought my own motorboat. Nowadays, boat trips attract the most! The picture is from Stora Nassa in the outer archipelago.

Oops, there were apparently only nine pictures in this post! You must have a picture credited to my next blog post! 🙂

Sten, svavel, vatten och vyer! – Stones, sulfur, water, and views!

Islands vilda och säregna landskap lockar, det gör också de utmanande landsvägarna. Att upptäcka Island på äventyrsmotorcykel lockade mig när jag reste dit nu i mitten av augusti.

Det var en mycket välordnad resa med ordnat boende och genomtänkt rutt, så kanske inte ett äventyr helt igenom. Motorcyklarna var nya och de allra bästa för ändamålet. Landskapet och motorcykelkörningen var äventyret. Det krävdes en viss körvana och det fanns utmaningar längs vägen även för de mest erfarna.

När man hjälper varann förbi de svåraste passagerna så tar sig alla förbi och efterhand behövdes allt mindre hjälp. Vi körde omkring 150 mil grova grusvägar på sex dagar, från söder till norr och tillbaka. På vägar av lavasten eller sand och över otaliga vattendrag. Jag kände stort motstånd mot djupare vattenpassager men tycker själv att jag lärde mig bemästra även dem.

Djup, lös och svart sand däremot, där har jag mer att lära innan jag kan köra med kontroll. Men, det går ju alltid att sitta ner och paddla sig fram med fötterna!

I det här inlägget prövar jag något nytt. Jag har många bilder, vissa kanske allmänt intressanta, medan andra nog bara är roliga för oss som var med på äventyret. Jag har lagt alla bilderna i ett galleri.

Utrustningen är inte allt! – The gear isn’t everything!

Det är roligt när en bild blir okej utan värsta fotoutrustningen! Jag var på off-roadmotorcykel äventyr i Portugal i februari och hade “bara” med mig min Nikon Coolpix AW110 kompaktkamera. Inget värstingobjektiv, ingen super-bildprocessor och inget RAW-format, men många bilder blev riktigt bra. Här kör Janne Hannus igenom ett vattenhinder vi passerade.