• Musical joy!

    Last night I was at a gig. Both my sons played in the band Gobi Jerboa. The music is really good but they haven’t quite made it through yet. The music can be listened to on Spotify. I had the camera with me and took some pictures. It is often difficult to shoot at gigs, especially when the venue is small and lighting is far from professional. Enough with complaints and apologies. I have collected the best pictures in a gallery below.

  • Testa gränserna! – Test the limits!

    Det är roligt att testa gränser! Igår kväll var det musikfestival i Edsvik i Sollentuna. Rockbrigades spelade klockan nio och mörkret hade lagt sig. Jag hade min Nikon D500 med 55-300 mm 4.5-5.6 DX-telet och tog biler med anti-skak och i RAW, handhållet. Det fungerade ganska bra efter framkallning i Lightroom.