• A short city walk

    A significant advantage of living near Stockholm, apart from the fact that my loved ones and the job are here, is that when I have had enough of forest and nature, the city is close. The walk yesterday was in the Old Town, Stockholm’s ancient city center dating back to the 13th century, and consisting of medieval alleyways, cobbled streets, and archaic architecture. We had a coffee with snacks on the main square, outdoors completely according to the public health authority’s recommendations during the ongoing pandemic. It was a bit cold and rough so the walk was of the shorter kind and no proper photo walk, but still! 🙂

  • A winter photo walk

    From where I live, it just takes a quarter of an hour by commuter train to Stockholm city. It is even faster to drive to the nearest nature reserve on the northern Järva field. Yesterday was a beautiful winter weekend day made for a long walk. For some reason I rarely bring the camera on winter walks, it’s stupid. Yesterday, the camera was allowed to follow. There was a beautiful winter haze but I find it difficult to get interesting pictures of just snowy trees. In pictures, I want to include something alive that captures the interest. I took some pictures of mixed variety that I want to share here…