• A healthy walk in a palace environment

    My grandmother’s health advice was; eat well, sleep well, and go out and exercise! Grandma was very wise and there is a lot in her advice. If you add to her wisdom the very Swedish expression that “lagom är bäst” (everything in moderation), you avoid extreme training, extreme eating and sleeping away all your life! Outdoor walks can be just the right amount of exercise, but where should you go when you are tired of the nearest neighborhood and boring trees in the forest?  Just west of Stockholm, in Drottningholm, the King and Queen of Sweden live in a beautiful 17th century palace. Large parts of the palace park are…

  • Var har ni er? – Where do you have yours?

    Vi har vår i luften! Solen skiner och det är 8 plusgrader ute. Det håller inte att sitta inne och jag har ju sagt att det är dags igen att komma igen. Jag tog med kameran på dagens promenad, i fall där skulle finnas en bild. Jag drogs mot Edsviken. Där har jag min hemmahamn. Isen är på väg bort! Snart ligger båten i sjön igen. Här är sportlov den här veckan. Jag har inte längre sportlov och längtar nu istället till vår och värme. Idag fick jag en försmak! (Bilder med Nikon D500 och 16-80 mm 1:2,8-4 AF-S ED zoom. Framkallning från RAW i Lightroom.)

  • A winter photo walk

    From where I live, it just takes a quarter of an hour by commuter train to Stockholm city. It is even faster to drive to the nearest nature reserve on the northern Järva field. Yesterday was a beautiful winter weekend day made for a long walk. For some reason I rarely bring the camera on winter walks, it’s stupid. Yesterday, the camera was allowed to follow. There was a beautiful winter haze but I find it difficult to get interesting pictures of just snowy trees. In pictures, I want to include something alive that captures the interest. I took some pictures of mixed variety that I want to share here…

  • Sometimes you get disappointed!

    It was probably not what he expected Carl Gustaf Wrangel when he had Skokloster built 342 years ago, that a Christmas market would be held there in the future. But now it was the case, the first Sunday in Advent, a small cozy Christmas market with most crafts and delicacies. I bought delicious cheeses made from cow’s milk, goat’s milk and with mold! The cafeteria in the old castle was also cozy and a ham sandwich with coffee was great! I definitely think I need to go back sometime to see more of the castle and the collections.