• Birds

    Image manipulation!

    It was overcast and bitterly cold, and I saw no better subject than a bunch of mallards below Edsberg’s mansion. At least I got to practice shooting with the new camera. I’ve also made some careful attempts to remove a couple of ducks from the image using Photoshop! Is…

  • flowers,  People

    Suddenly she was there!

    This is one of the pictures I’ve captured that I like the most. It was in April 2015 that I stood and watched people enjoying the cherry blossoms in Kungsträdgården in Stockholm. Suddenly I saw her, she was sitting on her mother’s shoulders, feeling the flowers. I aimed and…

  • flowers

    A beautiful autumn flower

    Just an old picture of a beautiful autumn flower to test posting in the new web theme. A photo from October 10, 2020 with my old Nikon D500, 80mm, 1/40 sec, f/4.0, ISO 200.

  • A bouquet of beaded flowers in a vase that has fallen over

    Beaded flowers

    Today, beaded flowers is an almost forgotten craft, but it has a long European tradition. I visited my friend Ragnar Levi’s exhibition “Flora Eterna” in Stockholm to see the beautiful flowers. Learn more at www.flowerforever.se. It was the premiere of my new camera and I tried to photograph in…