What is this?

I am creating a new website and restarting my blogging. The plan is to stick to showing photographs that I have taken and that I enjoy. I like a lot so there won’t be a specific theme, apart from nice pictures. I intend to try to keep the texts short and refrain from too deep philosophical thoughts. Let the pictures speak for themselves.

I’m a happy, mature amateur who has been photographing since the age of twelve. I have followed the evolution from analogue, fully manual cameras to today’s digital technological marvels. I know, great photos don’t need the most advanced photography equipment! I still think that this photo blog will spur me on to create better pictures with my new camera.

The featured picture is an old photo from October 11, 2020, taken with my old Nikon D500, 80 mm, 1/50 sec, f/11, ISO 200.

Now, in any case, I have started to create this, my new personal blog. To be continued. Have patience!

Any thoughts? Leave a comment!